Many of you have asked that I let you know the results of my bloodwork that was done today.  Everything except white blood counts (the infection-fighters that often decrease as a normal part of chemo) are within normal range and indicate that I am in early remission.  However, to verify that, I do need to have  PET scan and that is scheduled for November 5th (two days before my next chemo).  If the PET scan shows any reduction in tumor size we will “stay the course” with three more of the same protocol that I have been recieving.  If tumors aren’t really being impacted, we will probably start a new mix of chemo or add other drugs.

It is likely that the tumors are being impacted given the good direction of my blood counts,  so this is just basically to determine where we are at this point.  Regarding the low white count, the doc wants me to lay low for awhile and avoid crowds and thus the risk of infection.  I probably will skip church (and everything else!) this weekend based on that.  I always miss being there, but it’s the prudent thing to do as an infection at this point could set me back.  I do feel more tired in this post-chemo week, and that is probably due to the low white counts.  By the grace of God, I’m feeling very content to stay home knowing that doing so is working for my good and that resting my body is the best thing I can do for it right now.  Marv and Reagan (the good old dog) are good company, and I continue to recieve all kinds of encouragement from contact with you all.  Please keep the prayers coming at this mid-point of my first round of moving toward complete healing!

Love and Blessings,              Joy


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