The Eight Year Old Viewpoint

As most of you know, Marv and I have had a very special relationship with a family that we met about eight years ago.  At that time we began providing child-care for newborn, premature twins (Arielle and Ariyon) and they quickly captured our hearts.  They now call us Nanna and PaPa and we love them dearly.  Up until now we have had a very definate grandparent relationship right up to their having a bedroom in our home and spending many over-nights here.  We believed when we first saw them come out of the delivery room and continue to believe now that the intersection of our lives and theirs is full of the plan and purposes of God!

Recently, Arielle was given an assignment at school to write about someone in her family from another generation, that she  might want to pass on to another generation after her own.  She decided to  write about me.  What she wrote centers around our relationship and how things have changed since cancer came into our lives, as well as her hope for the future.  I’m including it the content of my blog today, largely because I am so proud of her ability to understand and write about what is happening to her!  She loves to write and I encourage her to do so all the time.  This little essay moved my heart to say the least, and I want to share it (unedited!) with you all.



By Arielle Mitchell-Perkins 

“My Nanna has cancer.  I miss her a lot and barely get to see her cause of her treatments.  When she did not have cancer we use to have a lot of fun.  We use to go to the movies, the Olive Garden, and play games like Candyland together.  It was fun until I we found out that she has cancer.  I really miss those days.  I hope that she can get better real soon and get to hang out like we did before.  That is how it feels like to have a Nanna with cancer to miss the fun days.  I have been praying that she will get better so the fun days return.  I love and miss my Nanna a lot. I have this generation for my kids so that they will know that sometimes even when you take care of your hair, sometimes it can still fall out”.

     Someday I’ll share more about how much these remarkable children have blessed our lives.  Meanwhile, I too am hoping and praying that the “fun days” will return!  Even more, I am praying that through this experience these children that I love so much can learn bigger lessons.  I continually want to impress on them that whatever the circumstance, God is good and God is in control. If they know these two things they can build a rock solid faith that will assure them of His loving plan and purpose in their lives with every step they take.

Today may God strengthen the truths of His sovreignty and goodness in all of us!

         Resting in Him,            Joy


One comment on “The Eight Year Old Viewpoint

  1. Sue Hall says:

    So wonderful to hear about the Perkins twins, they were also a part of my life along with their Mother. I am blessed to hear they are doing well. May the Lord give you many good days with them again.

    Sue Hall

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