Kindness and Peace – HIS covenant promises to us!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much for your kind replies, the cards, the flowers, phonecalls, messages, all so encouraging and helpful, and most of all thank you for your prayers.  I am humbled and amazed at the love you have poured out to me.  I wish I could thank each of you personally and maybe soon I will have that joy.  Currently, my body remains in “chemo shock” and I will do well to just get a few words out to you!

I recieved my first “miracle mix” (five potent chemo drugs over about 6 hours) one week ago today and am just now coming out of the fog of a great array of side-effects that cause me to belive that not one cell in my body was left untouched!  WOW!  On Saturday evening I landed in the ER and was admitted to the hospital because my blood counts had dipped so low that my heart was over-working  in trying to get oxygen to the rest of me.  I received 2 units of red blood cells which have helped to right all that, but to say that I feel “wrung out” is an understatement.  I am resting at home and working on regaining my strenght in time to get my second treatment of six somewhere around the 26th of September.

So enough of that!  More inportant is the fact of how incredbly near God has been in power and presence.  Shortly before I began treatment I came across the following verse found in Isaiah 54:10 which says:

” For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, But my kindness shall not depart from you, Nor shall My covenant of peace be removed, says the Lord who has mercy upon you.” 

During the physical misery of the last few days, my spirit reached up, grasped His Holy Spirit and held onto that verse for dear life.  Repeating those precious words never failed to give me great strength and hope.

Today when I began to feel better I looked up the words,”Kindness” and “Peace” as they are used in the context of that scripture.  What I learned was that KINDNESS, when it comes from God, is not some soft, sweet little act of goodness that one human might give to another, but a part of the very character of God Himself that He constanty extends to those who have chosen relationship with Him.  It is tough, resilent, and effective when it is extended to a believer in any situation.  When I say I felt his KINDNESS lifting me, it was as if a weight lifter had suddently removed a killing weight from my chest or a tormenting pain from my head or in some other way dealt swiftly with whatever was bothering me.

The word “PEACE” is the familiar Hebrew word “Shalom”.  It is so extensive in it’s depth and effects that I doubt I would ever have the writing skills to expound on it. I’m sure all of us who believe in Him have experienced the “Shalom”  that it is the promised peace that Jesus extended to us in the gift of His Holy Spirit.  It is the supernatural peace that enable us to rise above all that this temporal world has to throw at us. It is that “lift” that we experience when we are completely out of the ability to help ourselves and finally fall trusting into Him.It too,is a word of strength and power. The wonderful thing about Isaiah 54:10 is that Kindness and Peace are part of His COVENANT with us!  These extend to us all the time, and as the last phrase of Isaiah 54:10 says, they come to us by His mercy, and it is “through the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed” (Lamentations 3:22).  

The next time you feel like maybe life is in some way consuming you, remember Isaiah 54:10 and grab hold of His KINDNESS and PEACE!  For me, it changed everything about this week and its sheer misery into another opportunity for giving Him glory in my circumstances.

Again – I can’t say it enough – thank you for your prayers.  I am riding on them constantly!

Love and Blessings,           Joy






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