The Word of the Lord

In reviewing my first post  I realized that the scripture I shared might seem wildly inappropriate.  The scripture was one that had been running through my head before I ever got a diagnosis or even had an inkling that anything was wrong with my body.  To refresh, Psalm 13:6 says  “I will sing unto the Lord, for He had dealt bountifully with me”.  Two things about that scripture come to mind as I continue to meditate on it today.

The first is that my life has been bountifully blessed in so many ways that if I began to list them the list would go on forever!   One “bountiful blessing”  upon which I have recently been meditating is the parade of people who taught me the importance of hiding the Word of God in my heart throughout my childhood and adult life.  I had written in my journal not too long ago a note of praise and thankgiving to every family member, teacher, and preacher who had ever imparted the Word to me.  At this point I am even more grateful as I realize that the scriptureswhichwere planted deep within me are now continually sustaining and steadying me.  Wonderful words of  hope and life roll through my head every time I edge toward fearful or depressing thoughts.  Sometimes in these recent days all I seem to have to offer God are the words, “Jesus – Help Me!”, and scripture starts to scroll through my brain!  And most of those Words were planted way back there in Baptist Sunday School when memorization was so very easy!  

My second revelation was that if the Lord’s bounty has been so richly overflowing throughout my life, there is nothing I can do to stop it now.  The unchangable God of the Bible is good, and if He was good in my past He is also good in my future.  I decided a long time ago that I believed that GOD IS GOOD (according to Psalm 100:5) and that His unchanging nature makes it impossible for Him to be anything but GOOD.  Think about it – you can’t believe that God is good only sometimes.  Besides that, He is  eternal, meaning that He is, and has been, perfectly present in my past, present, and future!

To wrap it up, I just wanted you to see a glimpse into what has so encouraged me since I got my diagnosis on August 9, 2012, and I would like to share more of it as we go along on this journey.  Being a nurse, I have no illusions regarding what is before me in terms of grueling and sometimes miserable treatments.  But being a Christ follower, I also have no doubt that He is not only able but willing to see me though to whatever He has perfectly designed for me in the future.  

Love and Blessings to you all – it is your prayers that are carrying me!                                  Joy



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